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Passenger List for 'The Queen of Beauty' London to Auckland May-October 1863

Queen of Beauty passenger list------From the 'New Zealander' and ' The Daily
Southern Cross' for Tuesday August 11th 1863.

In each list some of the spellings are different. Both are given below.

I am indebted to Christine Headford, in Auckland, for obtaining the
above passenger list for me. Without her help I would probably not
have found this information.

My thanks are also due to Pauline Sigglekow in Wellington for tracking
down and obtaining the photograph of the 'Queen of Beauty'.
Reproduced with permission of Auckland City Library.

Cabin Accommodation.
William A. Bentley, John James Bentley,Mrs Broadhurst, Mrs Nicholson,
William P Mountstevans, Frederick E. Rosser, Charles S. Clark,, Miss Wood.

Adam and Lucy Wilson; 
Jas., Margaret F and Janet Weir;
Jane, Mary Ann,, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary Ann and Joseph Wyatt.
John and Alfred Curtis.
William B. Heath
George H. Savers.
Andrew Goldie
William Turnbull
Elizabeth and Pattie M. Mittall
Edith, Alfred, Maude and Florence Nicholson.
John Reed
Charles Cowling.
Thomas and Annie Brown.
James Sargeant.
Holman Forster.
John Payne.
Charles Chitty.
Thomas Brown.
David, Helen, Margaret, James A. and Andrew B. Philp.
Margaret Kerr.
W. P. G. O'Callaghan
George T. Uttley.
Edward H. and James C. Jackson.
George H. and Susannah Bruce.
Lewis A. Stroud.
Peter Dunwiddie.
R. H. Crackanthorp.
Frank Ling.
Samuel Horsford.
Roderick Gray.
Isaac and Mary Keary.
George, Ann and Robert Sudlow.
James , William, Margaret Jane, and  Robert Turrell.
James, Mrs John, Jane and John Hamilton.
William, Mrs and ------Lilly
Samuel T. and Anna R. Smardon.
Thomas and Mrs. Pickston and child.
Samuel Gilliland.
James M. Robinson.
Robert Farrell.
William Havers (Savers).

Owen Clear.
Samuel Harris
Ann Hurst.
Charles J. Downs.
Cornelius, Mary, John, and Ellen Reilly.
Henry H. Rebecca, and William H. Grant.
Thomas Kidd.
Wilhelm Thomson.
Godfred Berner.
William Anken.
Patrick Haynes.
William Hannah.
John G. Oliver.
James Crossly.
Job Webster.
Samuel Graham.
Heinrich Dichoff.
Heinreich Bahrenburg.
Heinrich Lunge.
Augustus Hartman.
Frederick Barthels.
Heinrich Corders.
George Lehman.
James Hickey.
James Halferty.
Hugh Glockin.
Eliza Stevens.
Samuel Moody.
Samuel Harvey.
Alexander Symington.
William Smylie.
James Coughley.
James Baird.
Silas Johns.
Edward Lenners.
John and Hannah Luscombe.
John and Eveline Phillips.
William Welling.
John Drake.
J. Early.
August Schmidt.
Michael Murray.
Richard, Isabella, Augusta and Amelia Franklin.
John and Mary Franklin.
Henry Blamforth.
Ephriam Byrne.
John Wright.
Jonathan Derby.
Richard, Susan, John, Richard, Henry, Maria, William, Samuel, Joseph, Alfred
and  Mary Carter.
James Rearden.
Richardson Sott.
J. Oakley.
Thomas Mooney.
Alex. Bealty.
John Mc Kee.
Thomas Mc Grady.
Daniel Milkelly.
Joseph Wilson.
Andrew and Ellen Kelly.
Elizabeth and Sarah McMinn.
Michael Nugent.
Martin Kaley.
Daniel, Mary Ann and James Horn.
Barnard Hoodlegs.
Jeremiah, Margaret, Frederick and George Horn.
Hugh McGechan.
Richard, Richard J. , Arthur and Henry Pearce.
Robert, Susannah and infant Mickalls.
Thomas Tollerton.
Thomas Morrison.
George Burns.
Ann, Margaret and Thomas Franklin.
Honora Bennett.
Alexander and David Spence.
John Bryson.
Alexander Scott.
Robert Price.
Robert Spencer.
John, Annie, Arthur, Margaret, Elizabeth, Jane, John and Alexander Tilly.
John Brunskill.
Elizabeth, Mary and Sophie Brunskill.
Esther Hogan.
Joseph Dunn.
George Staines.
Thomas Wheeler.
Samuel Douglas.
Henry Hardie.
James Williams.
George Ball.
John Powesland.
Isaac Haver.
William J. H. Reynolds.
Mary Birnie.
William Bain.
Patrick O'Boyle.
John Garry.
Ann McAntz
Thomas Young.
John and Samuel Jackson.
Lydia Haynes.
Thomas and Isabella Johnson.
Letitia and Catherine Taylor.
Emily Gill.
Robert Willis.
Edward Dawson.

I have been able to make contact with 
descendants of a few of the  'Queen of Beauty' passengers other than the Philps.
If you know of any please contact me. 

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