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The Bowie Children

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Comments
William 30th November 1808 18th November 1828 Just 7 months before his father's death
Alexander September 1810 Not known Died as an infant
Robert 23rd August 1812 After 1831 Died abroad somewhere
Mathew 20th September 1814 20th December 1829 Only 5 months after his father
Christian 19th June 1816 30th April 1844 In Childbirth--Married name McDonald
Alexander 10th January 1818 1818 Died as a baby
Alexander 24th January 1819 29th February 1840 Aged 21. Third attempt at an Alexander
David Will 5th July 1820 30th June 1825 While Bowie's wife was carrying Margaret
Helen 16th June 1823 18th November 1907 Died in Sydney, Australia Aged 84
Margaret16th November 1825 1846 Aged 21

Margaret Bowie died in 1826
Alexander Bowie died in 1829
Of the ten children the first two Alexander's and David died in infancy.
Little is known about Mathew who died in 1829 at the age of fifteen.
Also Alexander who died in 1840 at age 20.
Robert, something of a problem to the family, was last heard of heading for Jamaica. His fate is unknown.
The greatest amount of surviving information is that about William and Helen.