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©---A Cameron Cunningham 1997


This archive has been collected over a perion of almost thirty years and is provided as a resource for the worldwide Bowie/Philp relatives.

Introduction. The Internet and Genealogy Research Telling how the internet was used to complete the Bowie story after ten years of stalemate.
Chapter 1. The Town of Stirling The history of the town. The setting for the Bowie Story
Chapter 2. Alexander Bowie's Ancestry The fascinating search of the Scottish Records to establish Bowie's birthplace.
Chapter 3. Bowie moves to Stirling Bowie establishes himself as a builder in the early 19th century.
Chapter 4. The Bowie family Bowie's marriage to Margaret Hill produced ten children between 1808 and 1825.
Chapter 5. Bowie the builder. Text and pictures record the contribution that Bowie made to the Georgian architecture of Stirling.
Chapter 6. Helen Bowie and David Philp How Helen, the last surviving child of the Bowies, met and married David in 1856.
Chapter 7. David, Helen and family emigrate to new Zealand. Gives considerable detail of the voyage, in 1863, on the Queen of Beauty. Includes a link to the complete passenger list.
Chapter 8. New Zealand----The early days The Philps settle down in their new country. But it was not at all easy going.
Chapter 9. New Zealand----The Philp children grow up. This chapter starts in Shortland in 1867 and ends with a move, of some family, to Australia in 1888.
Chapter 10 The Bowie/Philp family in AustraliaBasically the story of James Alexander Philp from 1888 to the present time.
Chapter 11. The Bowie/Philp descendants in New Zealand Essentially the story of Margaret Philp and Harry Carse, (the noted botanist) whose descendants remained in New Zealand except for the Johnson family who returned to Scotland.
Chapter 12. The Bowie/Philp descendants in Canada. The story of Daughter Helen's move from New Zealand to Canada via Australia.
APPENDIX 1. The William Bowie Story The Bowie's eldest son. This is the sad tale of William's short life. It tells his story from detailed family letters dated 1827-1828 between William and his father.